TauDEM for Processing

Integrates TauDEM into QGIS Processing framework.

TauDEM (Terrain analysis using Digital Elevation Models) is a suite of tools for the extraction and analysis of hydrologic information from topography as represented by a DEM.


Plugin published in my repository.


Once installed and enabled, the TauDEM for Processing plugin is registered as a Processing provider. You may need to configure the provider before using its tools. Open QGIS options from the menu "Settings → Options" and go to the "Processing" tab. Expand "Providers" group and find "TauDEM" sub-group; there you will find all settings related to the TauDEM provider.

TauDEM settings

It is necessary to tell the plugin where to find the MPICH/OpenMPI executable, as well as the TauDEM tools executables. If these settings are not set, the plugin will assume that their locations were already added to the PATH environment variable and the tools accessible by name. Finally, adjust the number of processors which will be used by MPICH/OpenMPI.

When done, save settings by pressing "OK".

If the provider is activated, it will add its algorithms to the Processing toolbox under the "TauDEM" group.

TauDEM in the toolbox

These tools can be used as any other Processing algorithm: as a standalone tool, in batch processes, in models and scripts. Please refer to the QGIS User Guide to learn how to use Processing tools.

TauDEM tools help can be found at their homepage. Also you may want to read this article showing how to perform some hydrology analysis tasks with TauDEM.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs via bugtracker.