WhiteBox for Processing

Integrates GDAL GNM tools into QGIS Processing framework.

GDAL GNM is a set of tools (and underlying classes) for building, managing and analyzing geographic networks (e.g., roads, pipes, etc). It allows you to perform network analysis tasks like finding the shortest path, building connectivity trees etc.


Plugin published in my repository.


Once installed and enabled, GDAL GNM for Processing is registered as a Processing provider. If the provider is activated, it will add its algorithms to the Processing toolbox under the "GDAL GNM" group.

GDAL GNM in the toolbox

These tools can be used as any other Processing algorithm: as a standalone tool, in batch processes, in models and scripts. Please refer to the QGIS User Guide to learn how to use Processing tools.

If you don't know how to use GDAL GNM, please read GDAL GNM documentation and tutorial.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs via bugtracker.